After the Fire…..

About a month ago, the Stoch family was awakened very early one morning by the smell of smoke and the sound of fire engines outside their apartment in lower Manhattan. A fire in the commercial building next door was the culprit.

The following morning, the family was brusquely woken once again, this time by firemen with hoses and lots and lots of water. Another fire next door, and this time the roof had collapsed.

The Stoch’s had no choice but to leave. Their apartment was completely water logged, walls were badly damaged and everything – from clothes to furniture – reeked of smoke. Plus, the city issued a mandatory evacuation order, effective immediately, until the building next door was demolished, and a structural assessment of their apartment was determined.

First Things First

Luckily, Jude was away in Cape Town, so she missed all the chaos. But Salvo, Leslie, the kids and their dog, Blue, swiftly mobilized to a nearby hotel.

The first issue of the day was shopping for clothes. They had none but the items on their backs. Next on the list was packing up the apartment in order to get everything cleaned, and then shipping everything into storage for the duration of the ordeal. Finally, they had to deal with insurance and finding a new place to live. At this stage of the game it became clear that moving back into their apartment was out of the question for at least three to four months.

Found Object to the Rescue

After about ten days of hotel living and with Jude soon to return home, the Stoch family was catapulted into a pair of temporary digs in very different areas of town, both of which were mighty short on furnishings.

In true Salvo fashion – he who is never afraid to take the opportunity to get things done on the fly – a truck was hired, the Found Object studio was raided and two homes were decorated in the blink of an eye.

Two diverse landscapes, two opposing elevations – both equally beautiful abodes after the Found Object makeover.

Apartment One – Sky High

The view to the west.

Window seat in the sky.
Silk velvet ikat pillows and cube. Vintage central Russian serving bowls.

Indi happy as a clam in her new pad.
Suzani upholstered sofa and cube. Silk velvet ikat floor pillow and vintage central Russian bowl.

Jasper in his new bedroom.
Vintage Kantha stitch blankets on white damask embroidered quilts. Micro-fleece plush throw blankets, and cork wall/floor tiles used as bulletin board.

Sophie’s bed and her homework, waiting to be started.
Vintage Kantha throw blanket with white cotton damask embroidered quilt and sham set.

Apartment Two – Street Level

The view to the west.

Jude’s new living area. Seating for 6.
Vintage hand embroidered Suzani ottoman, cube and chair cushions. Silk and velvet ikat throw pillows. British colonial cane chairs. Teak Indian long bench with kuba cloths from Zaire.

Zimbabwean Reed Basket filled with rattan pod beads, African dinka ring and carved camel bone amulets.

Tea time at Jude’s.
Moroccan hand-etched tea glasses with vintage central Russian teapot.

A Little Visitor.
Eating almonds in a bowl, from Granny Becky’s tea set.

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