The Wholesale Launch of a New Jewelry Line.

Jewelry is not new to Found Object’s extensive list of individualized products, however, a cohesive brand that has found its way into the wholesale market is entirely novel. For the first time, the company will sell its jewelry in a wide variety of boutique stores around the country, rather than solely online.

Introducing the CHAKRA COLLECTIONPostcard2

The Chakra Collection is made in Jaipur for Found Object. Named for the healing properties of natural stones, the pieces are very feminine, characterized by gems such as labradorite, golden rutile, green amethyst and prenite.Banner3

All the stones are set in gold plated brass and are cut individually to fit into each of Found Object’s designs so there is complete flexibility to select the type and color of the stones.

In addition, many of the individual pendant pieces can be removed from their chains allowing anyone to mix, match and add pieces of their own. The line is light, playful and highly affordable – many of the pieces retail between $75-$100.Banner4

The Hard Work Pays Off

The inspiration for the new collection came from three sources:  Jude’s personal jewelry box, ideas that had been in her mind for years and jewelry that was already on offer in the marketplace that she believed could value from Found Object’s spin and expertise.

Prior to NY NOW, the huge wholesale home, lifestyle and gift show held this past August at the Javits Center, Found Object sold its jewelry online. The goal had always been to wholesale pieces to specialty boutiques, so early this year, when Jude and Leslie traveled to India, they decided to develop several collections for the New York show.

They carefully and personally developed a palette and painstakingly selected stones. They worked with their jewelers – stone cutters and setters – in Jaipur to fashion pieces that were befitting of Found Object’s aesthetic. After months of hard work, they saw their project come to fruition with a new line, the CHAKRA COLLECTION.

The collection is now available at a variety of specialty stores throughout the United States. Please contact us at 212 254 1515 for further details. You can also visit our website at to see additional pieces available for sale.

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